Data from 2011

Water Budgets and Water Table Data – 2011. The continuous monitoring of lake levels, wetland water tables, precipitation and evaporation with embedded sensors began during April in Trout Bog and Crystal Bog. Monitoring ended in early November. Over this time period, data were collected at 15 to 30 minute time intervals, except for precipitation which was monitored on an event basis (0.25 mm per event). In Crystal Bog, the WSN malfunctioned during June and July, so there is a gap in data. Comparative water budgets for the two wetland-dominated lakes (below) indicate that water levels declined throughout the sampling period except during precipitation events. The flowpath for both systems was consistently from the lake into the wetland except for small reversals associated with precipitation events. As in 2010, direct precipitation was by far the dominant source of water for both lakes, and evaporation back to the atmosphere was the dominant loss process.

WWO Data from 2011.pdf